About MilesAfterGasLight:

MilesAfterGasLight.com was created with one goal in mind: to make it easy for anyone to find out how much farther they can drive when their car's gas light comes on. It's no secret we've all continued driving after the low fuel light illuminates on our dashboard. How long the car can go for, however, has always been a mystery.

This has often led us to asking the age-old question of, "how long can I keep driving before I need to refill my tank?"

Well, thanks to our website this is now easier than ever to find! Instead of searching for hours through forums or databases to try to find your specific car, can you calculate it in three simple steps! No matter what the year, make, or model you drive, this equation will work for your car! Just go to the homepage and follow the three steps shown.

While it's not good to constantly test this limit and drive on low fuel, it is a nice luxury to be able to know if you can really trust what your car is telling you. Some cars are extremely conservative, warning the driver that the gas is reaching a critical level when there are really still two or three gallons left in the tank, which can take you another 50 miles or more.

With that in mind, we hope you find this website useful and easy to use!

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