Wondering how many kilometers your car can go after the gas light comes on?

Follow these three simple steps below to find out how far!

Crunch the numbers yourself, or just enter your info after steps 2 & 3 and we'll calculate it for you!

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Start by filling up a full tank of gas, and then RESET your trip meter.

This can usually be done by holding down the little peg next to the display.

Check your car's owner's manual for more information on resetting the trip meter.

When your gas light comes on, stop at the next gas station ASAP and completely fill up your tank again.

Divide the # of kilometers driven since resetting the trip meter by the # of liters you just filled up (found on the receipt).

This will give you your car's kilometers per liter (km/L) since you last filled up your tank. Example below:

Kilometers Since Last Fill-Up: (kilometers)
Liters Filled at Station: (liters)
Answer: Kilometers Per Liter (km/L)
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Lastly, locate your car's fuel tank capacity. This can be found in your owner's manual, which is usually kept in the glove box.

Multiply the km/L found in step #2 times the difference in your tank capacity and the number of liters you just filled up:

So in this example, once the gas light comes on there are about 117 kilometers remaining until the tank is empty!

km/L from step #2: (km/L)
Tank Capacity: (liters)
Liters Filled at Station: (liters)
Answer: Kilometers After Gas Light!
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Note NOTE: This calculation is a best-estimate at your remaining milage once your gas light has come on. Continually driving on too low of fuel can damage your fuel pump and should be avoided.